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Established for over 16 years, our clients know they will receive the very best treatment and advice for sports and general injuries, back  pain,  muscle and joint pain, exercise programs, child health, women’s health and receive the best post-operative orthopaedic guidance.

Our Services

Sports Injury

There are many sports injuries commonly treated by physiotherapists, such as muscle strains, ligament sprains, dislocations and fracture.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Many employers are now asking for Physical Assessments of their prospective employees to determine whether the employee is fit to do the job.

Occupational health

Many Occupational health Management issues are best out-sourced to specialty groups rather than attempting to manage them in house with limited resources.

Treatments Techniques Include

Joint mobilisation therapy

Spinal mobilisation therapy


Manual therapy


Postural advice/education

Exercise therapy

Core stability training

Ergonomic and work station assessments

Muscle energy techniques

Balance training and re-education

Rehabilitation program

Gait (walking/running) retraining

Muscle strength

Muscle stretching

Sports Injury management

Soft tissue injury management

Exercise programs



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Neck Pain



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Shoulder and hand Pain


Back Pain


Lower back & Hip Pain

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Legs & Knee Pain

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